Side Utility

Side Utility

Series: Metal, Elite, Traditional

Our Side Utility Building is great for storage. Its two 2×3 windows let plenty of natural light making it great for a work shed. It is available in metal and LP SmartSiding. All Side Utility Buildings come with our standard metal roof and the option to upgrade to shingles. Browse our building options to customize your Side Utility Building to your liking. Our upgrades include electrical packages, a variety of doors and window options, and much more. 

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Available Sizes: 

Metal Series: 8X12 – 12×24

Elite Series: 8×12 – 16×60

Traditional Series: 8X12 – 12×32


– 5/12 A-Frame Roof

– 70” Shop Built Doors* 

– Two 2×3 Windows*

– 78” Wall Height (Metal)

– 93.5” Wall Height (Elite)

– 92” Wall Height (Traditional)

*All 12’ long buildings will have one 48” door & one 2×3 window

Metal Building Standard Features:

– 40 Year Metal

– Floor System: 2”x 6” Wood Joists on 16” Centers 

– OSB Roof Sheathing

– Press Plate Trusses

– 2”x 4” Wood Studs on 24” Centers

Traditional Building Standard Features:

– Floor System: 2”x 6” Wood Floor Joists on 16” Center

– Wall System: 2”x 4” Wood Studs on 16” Center with Single Top Plate

– Roof System: OSB Roof Decking

– Press Plate Trusses

– Exterior Siding Nail Holes Spackled and Joint Seams Caulked

– Metal Roof